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We released 5 programs.
A simple tool for MacOSX to switch soundcards on the fly written by Nuno.
Last version: Alpha1. Hange sound cart per app (Win 10 only)
Opens “App Volume And Device Preferences” directly to change sound card and volume per app.
Do you often stream audio from different applications and want to go to the sound settings faster?
From now on, you can do it with a keyboard shortcut.
After downloading the application, just open the file properties and set the own hotkey.
Last version: None. Speaker test
Application to correctly set up your speakers or check channels in your headphones.
Last version: 3.1C#.
PLS Generator
You can easy make Pls file using this application.
Last version: 2.1.
Morse decoder(Alpha)
It's an accessible morse decoder for the blind written in C#.
Currently you can only decode from text to text. Application feature set is not complete yet.
Last version: Alpha1.

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