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SS-Mac: a simple tool to switch soundcards on the fly


Sometimes users have a need to switch their soundcard on the fly, either in order to quickly route their system to another device or because some USB microphones set themselves as a default output device, taking the userís speech and rendering their system unusable.
SS-Mac aims to solve this, and in the future many other small, but annoying things with the audio system of MacOS.


As of current state (Alpha 1) the program is very basic, allowing you only to switch your output device. The program is controlled using global hotkeys, meaning that they will work no matter where you are on your system.
Current program hotkeys follows:
* CMD+OPTION+F9: Switches the system to the next available soundcard.
* CMD+OPTION+SHIFT+F9: Switches the system to the previous available soundcards.


If you want to contact the author, you can write an E-Mail to the following address: nuno69 (a) (at) gmail (dot) com. Click here to download
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